Preparing for an Inground Swimming Pool

Here are some points to consider when preparing for your inground swimming pool installation.

Access for Heavy Equipment

You will need a 6 foot wide path to move an excavator into your back yard. A back yard with less than 6 feet of access will require smaller equipment to be used for the pool excavation.

Lagoon shaped inground swimming pool

Please note that standard package pricing assumes that an excavator and dump truck can fully access your rear yard. If access is limited, additional equipment will be required for an additional charge of $600.00 to $1,500.00.

Remove Landscaping in Pool's Future Location

All trees, shrubs, gardens and landscape boulders should be removed from the location of the pool installation area. Paradigm Pools will not be held responsible for any damaged landscape.


Oval shaped inground swimming pool

Local property bylaws require that yards with an inground pool be fenced.

The fence requirements are as follows:

Property Survey

Please have a copy of the property survey for us to obtain building permit. The property survey also allows us to locate easements and set backs.

Determining Pool Location

The swimming pool must be at least 4 feet from the property line to the water's edge in most towns. Check with your township for any other restrictions.

Amherstburg Tel. 736-5408
LaSalle Tel. 969-7770
Tecumseh Tel. 735-2184
Windsor Tel. 255-6281
Lakeshore Tel. 728-2700
Leamington Tel. 322-2337

Natural Gas & Electrical Service

Expect the installation cost of gas (for the pool heater) and electrical service for the pool to be between $500 to $1,500 depending on your needs. Please call Paradigm Pools for a list of licensed gas and electrical companies to serve you.


Call Mike Decair at Country Landscape, (519) 975-0038 to help you design a backyard oasis.