Contact Paradigm Pools for all swimming pool services. Paradigm Pools provides swimming pool liner replacements, pool openings, pool closings, pump and filter repair, repair of leaking piping systems, etc.

Book your pool opening, closing, or servicing today.

Olympic shaped inground swimming pool

Swimming Pool Liners

Replacement liners in a large selection of colours are available for your swimming pool. Once ordered, the knowledgeable staff at Paradigm Pools will measure your swimming pool to obtain the exact dimensions of your new liner. Once your new liner has been manufactured, Paradigm Pools will drain your swimming pool and install your new liner. Paradigm Pools has a large selection of liner colour samples.

Paradigm carries the complete line of Triac and GLI liner replacement colours.

Swimming Pool Opening

Pool repairs and services

Book your above ground or inground pool opening today.

To ensure your swimming pool is ready for the season, have your swimming pool opened by the professionals at Paradigm Pools.

All swimming pool openings include the following services:

  1. Pumping off cover, remove and clean cover.
  2. Removing all winterizing plugs etc.
  3. Return all deck equipment (ladders, diving board, handrails, etc.)
  4. Start system off of main drain if there is one, otherwise waiting until the pool is full to start off the skimmer.
  5. Add chlorine only to water. Once pool is full, customer will need to test water and add any other necessary chemicals.


Swimming Pool Closing

Oval shaped inground swimming pool

Book your pool closing today.

All swimming pool closings include the following services:

  1. Lower water level (6 inches below skimmer)
  2. Remove deck equipment
  3. Winterize pool equipment (pump, filter, heater etc.)
  4. Blow out water lines and plug lines
  5. Add chlorine & algaecide. Put cover on pool.


Pressure Tests

We perform pressure tests to check for leaks in the plumbing lines. Once the leak has been detected a repair can be performed to the broken line. Read more about our leak repair in Our Trouble Shooting Guide.

New Equipment Installation

We will install any new piece of equipment on your existing system. Additional equipment purchases include pumps, filters, pool heaters*, chlorinators, salt water ionization systems, Nature II purifiers, etc.

* Please note that we are not responsible for the installation of natural gas or electrical lines.

Please call (519) 969-8404 for any questions about our pool installation or any or our pool services; we would be happy to help you out.

General Service

For general service or repair contact Paradigm Pools. Note: if you forget your appointment (or did not cancel) and we are unable to access the service site, our minimum billing charge applies. Our minimum billing charge includes up to 1/2 hour on site. Our service call rate is billed in 15 minute increments. Depending on your location within Essex County, a transportation surcharge may apply.

Concrete Service

Paradigm Pools offers concrete installation service for pool decks, patios, walkways, and driveways. Concrete finishing is available in plain finish, coloured, or stamped. All our concrete projects are finished with the same high quality craftsmanship. Contact our office for details.

Trouble Shooting Guide

If you are experiencing troubles with your swimming pool, please reference our troubleshooting guide.